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Good Shepherd Aged Services

Welcome to Good Shepherd Aged Care Services

Our Mission

Good Shepherd Aged Services is committed to providing continuing excellence in residential care and other services for older people with disabilities, especially those who are poor, disadvantaged or suffering and support for their carers (family, friends and staff), with respect for the worth, dignity and individuality of each person.

Good Shepherd Aged Services is committed to implementing unique initiatives designed to help residents connect; with their own health, their loved ones and their dreams.

CEO Message

Good Shepherd Aged Services embodies the principle that the highest standards in residential aged care depend upon recognising and critically appraising the expanding body of our knowledge and expertise. Indeed, detailed and appropriate evidence based procedures are an important part of that body of knowledge, providing benchmarks for our practice. Of course, our practices are underpinned by the application of our philosophy, mission and values. In doing so, we are seen to help enrich the lives of those we care for, to assist them to realise their potential, and to boost a sense of dignity and worth.

Good Shepherd Aged Services employees have the collective belief of continuously striving, to not only maintain excellence in resident care, but to also create opportunities for our residents to access community, whilst creating a vibrant environment. Good Shepherd Aged Services has been recognised nationally for its innovative programs, clinical excellence, and in particular our health and wellness program.

Chief Executive Officer


Congregation of Sisters of the Good Shepherd:

As followers of Jesus the Good Shepherd, we relate to each person in a way that leads to greater fullness of life and a deeper sense of personal worth and dignity. We are called to recognise the inestimable worth of each person made in the image and likeness of God. In a spirit of welcome, kindness, understanding and loving service, we give witness to the value of each person, and especially to the poor, the disadvantaged and the suffering.

Facility Information (Please click the following links to view facility information and bed vacancies)
Good Shepherd Aged Services Maryville Hostel BORONIA 03 9762 6506
Good Shepherd Aged Services Nursing Home ABBOTSFORD 03 9419 3933
Good Shepherd Aged Services Hostel ABBOTSFORD 03 9419 3933

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Contact Information
Address:2 Clarke Street
 abbotsford VIC 3067
Phone:03 9419 3933
Fax:03 9416 1316
Website: www.gsas.asn.au
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